What technology everybody is talking about in 2018.

1. Augmented reality and virtual reality

Otherwise known as the ‘other realities’ are able to provide real world practice at scale as well as giving students a much more immersive and ‘hands on’ learning experience. Tech like Microsoft’s Hololens provides an amazing 3D experience where you can walk around a body to see the skeleton construction and have a better understanding of how the vascular system works.      


2. Ultra HD 4K projection

The rise in adoption of 4K in recent years lends itself very well to caves and simulations in classrooms. By projecting on all four walls of classrooms, students can become fully immersed in the projected realities. Crystal clear sharpness and quality of visuals are achieved with 4K resolution, which is useful for medical students who might be entering the theatre for the first time.  See how students at Coleshill School are using our 4K projector in their main assembly hall for Zumba classes during their PE lessons here.       


3. Remote learning

Although live lectures still have a role to play, with 73% of IT leaders considering them important within the learning environment, video conferencing gives students the opportunity to hear from experts in the field, wherever they may be in the world.  4K projection, due to the outstanding picture quality, gives the impression that the person is actually in the room, which makes for a much more engaging experience and presents many opportunities for guest lecturers to deliver tutorials to educational organisations without actually being there.   


4. Teacher training

Smartphones, tablets and video game consoles are everywhere in classrooms now but often teachers don’t know how to maximise their usage and how best to integrate them into their lesson planning.  When it comes to projection technology, training teachers on how to use the projectors in different ways to enhance the learning experience for both user and student is paramount.  Using online technology like Google Earth enables the exploration of countries around the world and coupling this with your projector means the whole class can be involved.    


5. Data collection software

With the growing interest in eBooks across schools now, it’s possible to know what students are reading, which page they are on and how long they spend on it.  This kind of technology and learning will give teachers a greater insight into the individual interests of students, as well as guiding lesson content.  


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