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Integrating digital and connected content into the classroom is already a major aspect of education and is only going to get more important. That’s why Casio Education Solutions projectors have been designed to facilitate easier and more efficient teaching styles, helping to shape and support the future of education. From simplified operation to the enablement of flexible teaching styles, our aim is to encourage greater student participation and turn lessons into a truly collaborative exercise.

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Why Casio projectors are like another teaching assistant

1. Prepare the classroom

One-click connection simplifies the projector start-up process and works with wired or wireless connections.

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Why Casio projectors are like another teaching assistant

2. Control the lesson

The moderator function allows the teacher to select any student’s PC from anywhere in the classroom and display it through the projector.

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Why Casio projectors are like another teaching assistant

3. Display all the information

In-built timers and split screen functionality give teachers the option to clearly show test timings and show multiple results at once.

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Why Casio projectors are like another teaching assistant

4. Power down the lesson

Auto projection off functionality places the projector in standby mode when the connection is terminated. The screen instantly resumes when connection is restored.

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Achieve classroom efficiency with One-Click Connection projectors

Casio One-Click Connection projectors reduce restrictions on the classroom layout by introducing wireless operation and replacing complicated set up procedures. Combined with in-built moderator and remote functions, you can benefit from free control of projection operation, allowing teachers and students to take control from anywhere in the classroom.

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