Kinder to the environment

We place great value on protecting the environment, and we’ve led the world in our development of laser and LED hybrid light source projectors that are superior environmentally, economically and in operation. There’s zero use of mercury. Zero toxic waste. And by holding fast to these ideals, we’ll continue to make technological advancements as a global pioneer of next-generation projectors.

Eliminating mercury pollution

The elimination of mercury is especially critical. Manmade emissions into the environment are now a global problem and have caused a huge amount of damage. First observed at Minamata in Japan in 1956, the effects of mercury poisoning include sensory disturbances and movement disorders…and in pregnant women, the foetus suffers too. That’s why we developed and marketed the world’s very first mercury free projector and since then, have worked hard to make sure every projector we sell is completely mercury free.

Friendlier classroom technology

  • A power consumption of 0.5 watts or less in standby mode means that Casio projectors go beyond the requirements of the current EU directive aimed at reducing the power consumption of technical devices
  • Our projectors also set standards when it comes to energy efficiency and boast energy cost savings of up to 40% in comparison to projectors equipped with mercury lamps
  • Previously, to achieve a service life of 20,000 hours while maintaining a high light intensity, up to nine conventional mercury lamps were required