Whether you’re looking into the advantages of a 4k projector, an Ultra Short Throw projector, large venue projector or portable projector, one thing ties together the benefits of our product range – laser projection. Casio laser projectors combine LED technology to deliver a mercury-free light source that delivers better brightness with less maintenance for more engaging outcomes.


10 reasons to choose
a 4k projector

Welcome to a revolution in resolution. We explore the top 10 reasons to purchase a 4k projector.

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Five benefits of Ultra Short Throw projectors

There are many advantages to choosing an Ultra Short Throw projector, so let’s explore the key benefits…

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A quick guide to
laser and LED hybrid projection

Still unsure about what makes laser projectors better than lamp projectors? Here’s why you need to make the switch.

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Short Throw laser projectors vs
Ultra Short Throw laser projector

Is there really much difference? Is one better quality than the other? Is one cheaper? We reveal the answers.

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Why are 4K projectors perfect for education?

If you’re looking to improve learning experiences then look no further than a 4k projector – ideal for education and beyond.

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