Casio projectors: our story

For over 60 years, our vision has been to create and provide a brighter future for everyone. With deep expertise and a wealth of experience behind us, we became the first manufacturer in the world to produce laser and LED hybrid projectors in 2010 – shining a light on the benefits of mercury-free projection.

Our laser and LED hybrid projectors with LampFree® technology are able to deliver a light source that lasts up to 20,000 hours – bringing the benefits of better brightness, higher engagement, less maintenance and more focus on enhanced education. So, no matter what kind of teaching environment you have, there’s a Casio projector to meet – and exceed – your needs.

A clear focus on the environment


Our projectors eliminate the toxic substance of mercury

Reduced resource consumption

There’s no longer a need for lamp and filter changes

Fewer CO2 emissions

Our projectors only require low power to operate

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