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A brighter future for everyone. That’s our vision – and with our LampFree® projectors, we’re able to bring it to life. Casio Laser and LED hybrid projectors deliver a mercury-free light source that lasts up to 20,000 hours. It means better brightness, higher engagement, less maintenance and more focus on enhanced education.

Say goodbye to time-consuming lamp replacements; say hello to clearer learning outcomes.

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Projectors for education

No matter what kind of teaching environment you have, there’s a Casio projector to meet your needs. From small classrooms to large lecture theatres, Casio 4k projectors offer a light output of up to 5000 lumens, meaning you don't have to darken the space to see clear, bright visuals. Show films, present graphs and deliver engaging media-supported lessons with ease. 

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LampFree® projector range

With five categories of LampFree® laser projectors, we have a solution for all of your different needs, offering impressive environmental credentials, powerful performance characteristics and all-round versatility. Discover our Entry Level, Better Connected, Portable and Light, Large Venue, and Ultra Short Throw projectors – all of which deliver outstanding low total cost of ownership for high quality learning experiences.

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Better Connected


Portable and Light


Ultra Short Throw


Large Venue

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The advantages and possibilities of multimedia projections in the classroom simply can’t be ignored. Neither can the benefits of our Laser and LED hybrid projectors, which outlast and outperform conventional mercury lamp projectors.

Read our blog to see the latest news and opinions around the opportunities that arise when you start using the best HD projectors.

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Shining a light on our brand’s heritage

For over 60 years, our vision has been to create and provide a brighter future for everyone. With deep expertise and a wealth of experience behind us, we became the first manufacturer in the world to produce laser and LED hybrid projectors in 2010 – shining a light on the benefits of mercury-free projection. 



Our projector
journey begins

Casio entered the projector business in 2003 with what were the
smallest projectors in the market at the time.

These models broke new ground by offering end users their first chance
to work with projectors that offered a 2x optical zoom.



World first hybrid
light source

We set a high bar for ourselves, and after too
many attempts and failures to count, in 2010,
we developed the world’s first laser and LED hybrid light source.



We added a high resolution model
to our range, the XJ-L8300HN.

This meant the Casio can cover all types of use, from small classrooms to large auditoriums, by offering resolution up to 4K UHD.