Research shows that 85% of IT leaders acknowledge the key role technology plays in competing against other universities, with 74% also saying with tuition fees at their highest, students are more demanding than ever before. With this in mind, it’s crucial for IT managers in higher education to invest in equipment that delivers for both the lecturer and students.  

Occupancy sensors Consistency and innovative technologies are key

Standardisation of technology across multiple rooms is an important consideration.  Students have a level of consistency with the technology provided whether it be Google or Microsoft platforms which are implemented throughout an institution; so the software remains the same regardless of the faculty.  VR is now being heralded as an innovative learning resource, with the ability to totally immerse the student in a particular subject.  As advanced as this sounds, much of the technology only requires a phone or app to work and the benefits to the learning environment are numerous. A virtual science lab, for example, would allow students to experiment with dangerous chemicals without having to actually handle the substances.

Encouraging BYOD

The advent of BYOD is having a transformative effect on both the teaching and learning experience.  The ability to connect and share information via students’ personal devices means that IT managers are under less pressure budget wise to deliver the newest technologies, whilst keeping costs down at the same time. 

At Casio, we have recognised this growing trend being adopted by higher education institutions and have responded to the demand by creating products with instant and easy connectivity.  New connectivity options featured in our Advanced Series projector include wireless, LAN with RGB, audio, 2x HDMI and S-video interfaces and powered USB. This enables third party integration such as wireless tablets and stick PCs, making it perfect to simultaneously share content from multiple devices.       

Projection technology more advanced than ever before

73% of IT leaders believe live lectures form a crucial part of the learning experience for students.  Also revealing are the implications of failing to invest in appropriate technology with 49% saying this has a negative effect on both student and lecturer engagement.  Many institutions are budget constrained when it comes to providing the latest technology, but investing in a Casio lamp-free projector is a one-off investment as there’s no need for lamp replacements, achieving constant brightness over the 20,000 hour lifetime.  This also results in reduced time and cost spent on projector maintenance for the end user.


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