Whether you’re broadcasting a football game in a pub or pitching a new idea with a presentation, it’s important that you’re getting the most out of your display.  

In either situation the number one task is ensuring all viewers can see the content clearly and without obstruction. To ensure this, managers will often opt for the largest LCD or LED screen available. These screens run at a very high wattage, meaning expensive running costs.

Having the option of changing the screen size, a projector comes into play as a potential display solution. While an 84-inch monitor might run at anywhere between 300 and 550 watts, a Casio Ultra-Short Throw projector is capable of producing a bright 100-inch image indoors, running up to a maximum of 250 watts and at 185 watts with Eco Mode Level 1 switched on.

Projectors are often dismissed as an option for three reasons. The first is that for traditional projectors, a large space is needed in order to scale up the size of the image. The second is that with traditional projectors, it’s easy to obstruct the beam and produce shadows on the screen due to the shallow projection angle. The final problem which prevents people from switching to a projector is the maintenance. Most projectors on the market use lamps which, after continued usage, dim and need replacing.

Casio’s Ultra-Short Throw range however, resolves each of these issues. In order to produce a 100-inch image, the XJ-UT351WN-UJ for example only needs to be 16-inches away from the screen you’re projecting onto. This makes projection a realistic option even in small spaces.

The steep angle of the beam of projectors in our Ultra-Short Throw range is difficult to obstruct, making it safe to walk in front of the screen without producing distracting shadows. This comes in handy when presenting in front of an audience, or when broadcasting sports games in a pub when someone walks across the room at the crucial moment!

Finally, all Casio projectors are lamp free. Rather than projecting with LCD and a bulb, Casio projectors use a laser-LED hybrid light source. This light source will last the entire 20,000 hour lifetime of the projector, producing the same level of brightness from start to finish. With no components to replace and no filters to clean, it’s one less thing to worry about.

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