According to research we commissioned by Insight Avenue, 74% of IT leaders interviewed said that with tuition fees at their highest, students are at their most demanding when it comes to technology expectations.  With so many innovative technologies coming to market, it’s no wonder students expect to see them in their lecture rooms.    

Innovative Technology

96% of students notice digital signage immediately, according to research from Platt Retail Institute, so high impact video walls are a must have for higher education. They have become much more commonplace across academic institutions now and are able to accept multiple IP sources, meaning that relevant information can be displayed side by side intuitively.  They can stream, share and record events taking place across campus, security information and academic calendars so that students don’t have to check their emails to be kept up to date with the latest goings on. 

Thanks to the prevalence of social media, students expect to have access to these channels on a daily basis.  Live streaming means that they can now interact with multi stream playback and see multiple, synchronised social media streams at the same time, with the ability to switch between them fluidly whilst in lectures.  A device with multiple connectivity options, such as our Advanced Series projector, is crucial as it enables students to connect to live social media streaming from their tablets wirelessly. 

High quality visuals

Students are so used to having access to high quality images now, so much so that 4K has become widely implemented by academic institutions; a trend which is expected to grow from its current level of 10% to 40% of content by 2020.  Displays which offer this kind of ultra high definition provide great picture quality which also extends to live video, ensuring all details of the image can be viewed from any seat of an auditorium of lecture hall.  With research showing that 73% of IT leaders believe live lectures form a crucial part of the learning environment, it’s clear that projection still has a role to play in higher education, matching students’ high expectations when it comes to technology at University.


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