Though the technology has changed over more than a century, projection remains a staple of AV in classrooms, workplaces and art installations. The versatility of projection provides artists with a flexible device capable of portraying the imagery in a way which would be hugely challenging for other forms of display technology. Contemporary art installations frequently take advantage of projection, demonstrating why the device has remained so resilient over time. Short throw projectors have only increased the options available to users, and the examples of contemporary art exhibitions below made the most of the what Casio has to offer.


We visited the undergraduate fashion design exhibition titled “Transformative Futures” at University Arts London to find out how they made use of our technology. Upon entering the room, the screen was immediately visible and could be seen from the open areas where guests could chat and watch the student’s creations. The films projected presented the viewer with the concepts and ideas that informed the fashion pieces as they made their way to the display. Often in conventional projectors, standing in front of the image casts shadows on the screen. However, the acute angle of the Casio Ultra-Short Throw projector avoided this problem, meaning the set up did not intrude on the walking space of the exhibition.

Like many concept films, much of the content was high contrast, quick cutting and extremely detailed, but the refresh rate and HD Resolution of the projector was entirely fit for purpose for the workload. It was a small show and showcased perfectly the potential uses for Casio projectors in art projects of all forms.

As part of the EAT WORK ART 10th Anniversary Series at Hackney Downs Studio in London earlier this year, artist Takeyuki Chiba from Japan also used a Casio Ultra-Short Throw projector to showcase his latest 3D motion and digital sculpture work.

The 3500 lumens brightness, HD resolution and precise colour reproduction was perfect for the artists exploration of shadow, silhouette and texture, featuring both static and moving images and models. Similarly, the very short throw distance meant a more discreet installation and meant visitors could move about freely in the space without intrusion of the image.



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