The AV community needs to act.

The Minimata Convention is a global treaty - currently recognised by over 80 countries -   calling for a general prohibition on manufacture and the import and export of electrical devices which contain mercury.  It was formed after an outbreak of Minimata disease, caused by mercury, broke out in Japan in 1956.  Even after learning that mercury is harmful to humans, and that mercury poisoning is a severe problem which affects many, it continues to be used in the manufacturing of many products.  These include; clinical thermometers, batteries and blood pressure gauges and lamps. 


Playing an instrumental role in protecting the environment has always been at the core of Casio’s manufacturing ethos, which is why we were the first projector company to introduce lamp-free technology to the market in 2010 and the only manufacturers to expand this to our entire range.  Instead we chose to use a Laser & LED Hybrid light source which not only uses less power than conventional lamps, it helps businesses and education establishments’ carbon footprint to a minimum and gives users total peace of mind that their AV equipment is free from environmentally hazardous substances. 

Casio lamp-free technology

Caused by mining and fossil fuel combustion, anthropogenic emissions from this metal have led to widespread global mercury pollution.  Although mercury emissions from manufacturing of consumer products is low in comparison to activities such as mining and burning of fossil fuels, it’s still a factor and the AV community in particular should be aware of the problems associated with products that contain mercury.

To learn more about the Minimata Convention and steps being taken to eliminate mercury visit their website:


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