Here's why most schools are switching to lamp-free.

With the advent of a new school term also comes consideration of what the best technologies for the classroom are; both in terms of providing the most enriching learning experience for students and ensuring teachers are maximising their productivity levels.  Essentially, this means not wasting time and money on projector maintenance!

So what are the benefits of going lamp-free?

With our lamp-free range, our projectors require little maintenance due to their being absolutely no lamps or filters to change.  Imagine the time that education professionals could save by not having to install new bulbs or deal with repair issues?  Recent research that we commissioned by Insight Avenue concluded that 41% of IT leaders in the UK have been spending excess time on projector maintenance, with 51% citing the ‘hassle to replace lamps’ as a problem.  Our Laser & LED Hybrid technology means that teachers can take advantage of the shorter start-up and shutdown time, with the ability to turn On/Off as fast as 5 seconds; a drastic reduction in waiting time for both staff and students.         

Ecclesfield School have embraced our innovative technology

Ecclesfield School recently underwent a huge projector replacement project.  Their move to lamp-free not only displays an effort to be on trend with the latest technology innovations, but also a commitment to delivering the highest quality, visual learning experience to its students.  ICT Support Officer, Michael Rodgers, says: “The projector was such a hit with staff that we decided to roll out an entire fleet of Casio Green Slim projectors in 90 of the rooms in our school.  We have chosen Casio for years mainly because of the brilliant value for money but also because of the high quality of the product and the incredible support our team are provided with.”

Not only does lamp-free negate the need to replace expensive lamps, it also saves you up to 40% of energy consumption against traditional lamp based projectors.  This ensures brightness remains consistent with minimal drop off and highest quality visuals guaranteed throughout the projector’s 20,000 hour lifetime. 

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