Whether you’re showing films, presenting graphs or creating media supported lessons and talks, having access to appropriate technology to support teachers in their learning environment is crucial.

Thanks to their ease of use and revolutionary Laser and LED hybrid light source, which ensures high brightness over the projector’s 5 year lifetime, CASIO has long been the choice for education establishments looking to provide their students with an interactive and immersive teaching experience.


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Tablets, smartphones and up to four PC’s can be connected from any location in the classroom via WLAN.  There’s also the additional benefit of being able to store images and videos internally, so that content can be streamed without the need for a PC or tablet.  This makes for a much more immersive classroom environment, as video can bring subjects like history and art, where battle scenes and vivid colours are a necessity to bring the content to life and can enrich the learning experience for students and staff alike.      

Get interactive


Spontaneous camera shots

Did you know we have an app designed specifically to enhance lesson content?  Make politics or history lessons more engaging by displaying newspaper clippings or videos stored to the app, directly from your tablet or laptop.  During the presentation, content can be edited and stored.  Smart devices can be used as document cameras, displaying images in real time thanks to the camera function.  So if, during a Geography lesson, the teacher wants to show students a close up of a country on a globe or wall map, they can zoom in over the land mass and it will be directly projected on to the screen at the front of the room for everyone to see.             



Live streaming

Projection technology also enables schools to stream performances from acclaimed organisations like the Royal Shakespeare Company and watch them directly from the classroom or assembly hall.  Not only does this cut down on costs for travel and individual theatre tickets, it brings the performance to the heart of an academic institution, where students can make notes and discuss ideas around the play during the interval, without the distraction of members of the public.


The Coleshill School in Birmingham is using the Casio Large Venue Series to do just this with Macbeth. Read the full case study here


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