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The desire to reduce the power consumption within schools is wrapped into budget reduction and the growing trend to invest in technologies that offer lower total cost of ownership rather than those offering cheapest up-front cost.

With establishments more focussed on waste reduction as schools more than ever strive to be zero waste, here are some top tips for switches to make now for a greener classroom!

Occupancy sensors

This tech is now available both stand alone and integrated into classroom booking software to enable IT teams to sense when rooms are occupied, powering down equipment in the room when there are no pupils or teachers in the room. This small change also minimises the need to check if projectors and equipment are switched off with manual checks from maintenance teams.

Minimising tech through cloud based systems

With the increasing move to cloud based systems and use of pupils' own devices for camera work and sharing in the classroom, this is also leading to a much reduced need for additional tech in each classroom. By investing in one display which is remotely connected to the Wi-Fi and BYOD technology, this is creating a mass deletion of expensive and power hungry technology in each classroom.

Switching to lamp-free projectors

It’s no secret that a majority of schools are looking to rid themselves of harmful Mercury based lamps which need regular changing and swapping to projectors featuring hybrid LED and laser light sources. These technologies are more power efficient and require less upkeep from the IT team. Once they are in place they offer a long term solution with no maintenance required, offering complete peace of mind and an extremely low total cost of ownership.

Remove lighting from near windows

In primary schools particularly, schools are saving on lighting bills by reducing the bulbs near to windows where the room is filled with natural light. This simple change can save hundreds of pounds per year. IT managers can also look at intelligent light systems, which are becoming affordable and will react to brightness levels to turn on lights as required. Intelligent Brightness Control is also available in many Casio projectors to help ensure the right level of brightness is used for the projector in each light level, which minimises power consumption – and running costs – by ensuring that the brightness delivered is no more than required.

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