A few weeks ago, we visited Hamstead Hall Academy as we heard they had been using our technology in a completely new and innovative way in sixth form maths lessons. We paid a visit to check it out and were inspired by how they had created a collaborative, interactive environment for students.

Over the summer, Hamstead Hall installed a projector from our new ES Series, an XJ-F211, complete with advanced connectivity options, 3,500 lumens brightness and our new One-Click Connect feature which turned out to be the star of the show in A-level maths lessons. 

Head of maths, Melios was seeking a way of being able to get students sharing more in lessons, without having to come to the front of the class. He was also looking for a way of being able to share complex graphic calculator procedures visually, without a complicated set up. 

On laptops, students are able to answer questions using emulators of Casio graphic calculators and then using One-Click Connect, they can mirror their screen wirelessly with the projector, sharing their working live with the rest of the class right from their seat. The moderator app means the teacher can decide which screen is being shared with the rest of the class, or split screen up to four inputs to compare the work of several students. 

As we watched the students beavering away at maths problems, we could see the progress right on the screen, which gave Melios the opportunity to observe how different students worked and identify common problems or errors. It also meant that students could work through these problems without the pressure of going to the front of the class - something that Melios recognised can be a barrier for some students when it comes to sharing work. 

As a result of this clever use of technology, the maths lesson was dynamic, collaborative and inclusive, with more students having the opportunity to share how they approached maths problems with the rest of the class in a clear, visual way. 

To find out more, read the full case study here.

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