In a world where technology moves faster than ever before, careful considerations need to be made when it comes to the procurement of new technology for classrooms.

Future-proofing is all about ensuring the equipment is meeting not just the requirements of today but also the potentially shifting demands of the future. Thinking about how your school’s priorities may change and taking this into account can protect your investments.

When it comes to projection, XGA (or extended graphics array) is the normal image format in most schools. It’s the 768 vertical pixel resolution and 4:3 screen ratio that we’re all used to, typical of most institutions using projection. However, given the rapid developments in display technology, the ever-shrinking projector chips and the demand to support high or ultra-high definition video, it’s likely that XGA will soon be surpassed by WXGA (wide extended graphics array) in a few years time.

At Casio, we’ve future-proofed our projectors. We don’t think schools should be forced into buying a fleet of XGA projectors only for them to be made obsolete a few years down the line. Supporting both XGA and WXGA image formats, our projectors are perfect for today but ready for the shifting demands of the future.

Our projectors are also built with an LED laser light source which lasts the lifetime of the projector and, unlike lamps, produces no brightness drop-off. Low power consumption and low maintenance design means an unrivalled total cost of ownership and when budgets are tight, this is crucial. Using less power and with no consumables such as lamps or filters to replace also makes our projectors among the most sustainable on the market.

Investing in sustainable technology which lasts longer and won’t cost the earth is another way of protecting your school against changing priorities and evolving technologies so you can be sure that choosing Casio is going to be worth it in the long run.

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