How to get the most out of projectors in the classroom.

With advances in 4K and lamp-free projection more prevalent and affordable than ever, it’s no wonder that the education sector is turning increasingly to more advanced projector technologies as a means by which to enrich the learning experiences of their students. 

Get creative - paint a digital mural!

Project a high-contrast black and white image onto a wall for your students to trace with whatever medium they choose.  If they bring in their own devices and load apps such as Microsoft’s Fresh Paint, the screen becomes a digital canvas for creating original artwork.

Students can explore from their seats

Thanks to the technological capabilities of Google Hangouts and Skype, National Geographic have been using them to connect with explorers and scientists and make lessons available for schools.  Ingenious! By streaming live sound through your projection and audio set up you can get involved with the education conversation.    

Create your own virtual field trips

Yes you heard us correctly – this is actually possible through the power of projection.  Google Earth allows you to explore locations around the world and, when connected to your projector, the whole class can be involved.  Say goodbye to costly field trips and nightmarish logistical planning.

Explore politics through the realm of a mini film festival

As studies show that over 50% of children are visual learners it goes without saying that education through film is an effective way for students to retain information.  Encounters Film Festival is renowned by the education sector for releasing their films immediately after the event itself.  All you have to do is sign your school up to the Online Digital Viewing Library and start hosting your own mini film festival.  Sounds like a wonderfully unique and enriching learning experience to us.  

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