When you’re buying more than one projector, it’s important to take long-term costs into consideration. Unlike most electrical goods, running projectors can involve incurring additional costs beyond the initial price of purchase.

Traditional projectors require lamps, which get dimmer over time until they’re unfit for purpose, and need replacing. Depending on usage, a lamp might need replacing once to twice per year which is frustrating for end-users and costly. Lamps get hot and require several fans which in turn, require filters which need cleaning. On a site such as a school, which could have a projector in every classroom, the maintenance of projectors poses a substantial cost and an unnecessary strain on the IT department.

This is why here at Casio, we’ve made it our mission to design reliable, cost-effective projectors, which need minimal upkeep.

Our projectors use an alternative light source: a Laser-LED Hybrid. This innovative design means Casio projectors are more cost-effective in the long run than their traditional counterparts for two reasons:

The minimum lifespan of the device is five years or 10,000 hours, as per the standard issue warranty all our projectors come with. Thanks to the Laser-LED light source and dust-resistant filter-free design, there are no lamps to replace and no filters to clean. Unlike lamps, the Casio light source never dims. The brightness the projector delivers at the start is the brightness it will deliver for the projector’s lifetime, expected to be 20,000 hours.

Secondly, the alternative light source uses less power than a lamp to deliver the same level of brightness, keeping electricity usage low. Especially when rolling out a fleet of projectors, power consumption costs multiply, so it’s an important factor to take into account.

We think total cost of ownership is important to be aware of when choosing a new projector which is why we’ve made a tool to help you decide: https://www.casio.co.uk/products/projectors/tco-calculator/

Switching to Casio makes more sense than ever.

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