Schools need to keep up to date with the latest immersive technologies to stay competitive and ensure interest from parents keen to provide their children with the best education when it comes to innovative technologies like VR.  Access to and understanding of this technology will stand them in good stead for their future.

BT's Tech Competition

2017 has brought with it the increasing popularity of VR usage in classrooms across the UK, with virtual reality technologies increasing threefold from 2016.  As well as providing students with a totally immersive and engaged learning experience, it gives teachers the opportunity to diversify their lesson content.

BT this year launched ‘Tech Factor’; a competition asking schools to reveal which products would enhance the learning experience for their students and assist with transforming them into savvy ‘future-fit’ technophiles.  It revealed that over a third of schools asked for advanced products such as robotics, coding and drones, and VR headset requests were also found to be in increased demand.

Keeping up to date with technology innovation

Given the popularity of virtual reality in schools, IT leaders need to remain competitive and offer these kinds of technologies, as parents will be looking to provide their children with the best learning experience possible.  VR certainly has the potential to deliver this when used correctly.  

It’s important for leaders in education to assist school children in their development of digital skills with a view to preparing them more adequately for the future.  Introducing technology such as VR to the classroom has the ability to transport children to another time and place; guaranteed to make lessons such as history, geography and science much more interactive.  Virtual reality headsets ensure they not only develop a broader understanding of the technology itself, but it also helps individuals to connect and relate to lesson content on a deeper, more profound level.


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