In the last 10 years AV technology for hospitality has developed at an incredible pace.  

Sporting fans can now watch games in HD on their laptops or phones whilst on the move, or simply stay at home to enjoy the game.  With all these options, pubs need to step up the game to create a brilliant customer experience.

Let's be honest, the beautiful game is best watched with mates with a pint in hand on the big screen, but fans need a compelling reason to head out of the house. All hail 4K projection - a chance to catch all the action on an epic scale!


Gone are the days when projectors were a constant headache, lacking in brightness, needing regular maintenance and lamp replacements. Now pubs and bars can fix a projector in place and forget about it about it due to a revolutionary lamp-free design that requires virtually no maintenance.

With Casio’s new Large Venue Series, viewers can enjoy 4K Ultra HD and high brightness levels of 5,000 lumens – what better way to appreciate the vivid greens of the pitch, the strip colours of the players and waving of multi coloured flags from the stands?   This all provides an amazing viewing experience and totally transforms the atmosphere – which is what a night out at any pub should be all about! When it comes to TVs, there’s also the added cost of having multiple screens to consider.  Projection provides one big display and the ultimate viewing experience, especially when watched in 4K.     

World Cup 2018 Opening Ceremony

There have been plenty of studies on the impact that tech investment can have for pubs showing sport. Incremental sales and creating a large group experience is at the forefront of reasons to make the move but lamp-free projection can also help you model the total cost of ownership.  This enables you to assess power consumption over time with your level of use for the big game, which is crucial when considering the frequent usage of the technology, especially during busy periods of sporting events.  Significant savings can be made with projection thanks to its extremely low power consumption.  So why not consider a switch to lamp-free?

Read the full article in Morning Advertiser on the benefits of 4K projection for pubs during sporting events here     

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