Why it is more important than ever to make the switch to lamp-free projection.

1. Energy savings

It is now more important than ever to make the switch to lamp-free projection.  Schools and businesses need to make smart technology decisions to make their budgets go further by future proofing investments.  Since the introduction of revolutionary Laser & LED hybrid light source technology, older methods of projection have now become obsolete, with lamp-free technology offering a significantly reduced total cost of ownership and increased energy savings. 

Research shows that 85% of IT Leaders consider low TCO when it comes to purchasing projectors. Lamp-free projectors have a very low heat output over the 20,000 hour lifespan, regulated by the exceptionally efficient operating system which runs cool, ensuring no energy is wasted. This also allows instant on and off, gone are the days waiting for lamps to warm up and cool down.  Lamp-free projectors also offer reduced power consumption of up to 35%, boosting eco-credentials, as well as saving money!


2. Low maintenance

Switching to lamp-free projection can save you both time and money on maintenance call-outs. This is because Laser & LED light source technology eliminates the need for a mercury lamp, so there are no burnouts or breakages to fix. Changing the lamp in your projector is both expensive and time consuming, often causing day to day interruptions. 

Ease and swiftness of use is important for IT Leaders, with a huge 94% considering this an important factor when it comes to projection technology.  All of Casio’s projectors can be easily integrated with existing universal ceiling mounts, making the installation process totally hassle-free. Lamp-free models can also be connected wirelessly to the network, allowing them to be accessed remotely from one central control panel which reduces the daily maintenance.  Speed and ease is of the essence for today’s hectic pace of life and lamp-free technology ensures fast power up and down time due to the elimination of lamps. 


3. No replacement parts

One of the most obvious benefits of lamp-free projection is there are no lamps to replace which cuts costs significantly.  Eliminating replacement parts means that budgets are not stretched and IT Managers are able to fix technology costs for 5 years, without being concerned by additional costs during the projector’s lifetime.  This is especially important when you consider that 43% of IT Managers have experienced a projector break down in the last 12 months.  Reliability is key when it comes to keeping costs down and total peace of mind.            


To see how lamp-free technology has benefited schools and colleges across the UK, visit our case study section.
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