Say goodbye to searching for the right cable, then selecting the right input source on the projector. With a single press of the OCC (One Click Connection) button, the projector will automatically connect to a device wirelessly and initiate projection. The time taken to begin projection is significantly reduced, so classes can begin without any delays.


IT Managers can create the OCC files on a browser and upload it to the school’s servers, so teachers and students can easily download to their PCs and start projecting immediately.


* Compatible models: XJ-S400UN, XJ-S400WN, XJ-F211WN, XJ-UT352WN, XJ-UT312WN

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During class

With the Casio Moderator Function, it’s possible for a teacher to manage what is projected on the screen, so content from students’ devices, as well as the teacher’s own, can be shown. The teacher can select any student's PC from anywhere in the classroom and project the relevant contents onto the screen immediately. This is a practical way of enhancing teaching efficiency and increasing student participation through activities such as presentation of assignments. A maximum of 40 devices can be connected simultaneously including the moderating device.


For Presentations

With one press of the OCC icon, a student can indicate that they've completed the assignment and their name will appear on the teacher’s smart device screen. This makes it easy for the teacher to tell which students have completed the assignment and select solutions to present to the class, from anywhere in the room.


For Discussions

Up to four sources can be projected simultaneously, boosting and initiating vibrant discussions, aiding work comparison, deepening student understanding and enabling multiple opinions and assertions to be discussed.


Remote Projection

Teachers can use their smartphone or tablet as a remote control to select what they want to project from anywhere in the classroom.


* Compatible models: XJ-S400UN, XJ-S400WN, XJ-F211WN, XJ-UT352WN, XJ-UT312WN

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End of class

When the class is over, one press of the stop button on the C-Connection network projection app will activate Auto projection OFF, which idles the projector and removes the projected image from the screen, but retains the network connection status. One Click Connection is all it takes to start the next class immediately.


  • A new projection session can be started using the same signal within 20 minutes of Auto Projection OFF.
  • Wired use is also possible by plugging in and unplugging a cable.
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Added features

Countdown Timer

Display a large timer in the centre of the screen. Handy for clearly informing students of assignment and examination time limits.



Nine built-in templates comprising frequently used borders and grids are available for use in class. Original images can also be registered.

* Only for network models


Mirror Mode

Images can be rotated horizontally, a useful capability for studying movement and form.

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