Big screen in a small room? Ultra Short Throw projectors make it possible. Displaying images of up to 100-inches from only 2 feet or less, Ultra Short Throw laser projectors offer multiple benefits not only for those requiring solutions for small spaces, but also for anyone who wants to minimise the impact of a projector in their classroom or meeting room.

But before we go into the five key benefits of Ultra Short Throw, let’s quickly outline what it is and what it means…

What exactly is Ultra Short Throw?

In simple terms, the lens assembly built into a laser projector determines its throw distance. While both Long Throw and Short Throw projectors throw light onto the screen directly out of the lens, the light coming from the lens of an Ultra Short Throw projector is directed away from the screen – reflecting off a mirror attached to the projector unit that directs the image onto the screen.


This means you can position the projector super-close to the screen, without loss of image quality. Let’s explore the benefits further:


1. Big screen experience in a small room

You can deliver engaging presentations in the smallest of spaces with Ultra Short Throw laser projectors. Give underused rooms a new lease of life, eliminate problems such as people walking in front of the projector light, and focus solely on optimising the learning experience within an education setting.


2. Nothing to get in the way  of your presentations

Traditionally, if your projector is in front of you, and your video sources are behind you – or vice versa – then there’s a good chance you’ll need longer leads to connect everything up. This creates a trip hazard and distractions, which only disrupt the flow of lessons and student engagement. With an Ultra Short Throw projector, this risk is eradicated.


3. Heavily reduced shadow and glare

Thanks to its close proximity to the screen, an Ultra Short Throw laser projector reduces shadows and there’s also no glare from the light source. This ensures students can concentrate and interact with each other and the teacher while the projector is in use, without distraction.


4. More interactive presentations

Because Ultra Short Throw projectors are mounted just inches from the wall, it means teachers – or students – can give presentations without being blinded by the projector light. Casio Ultra Short Throw projectors even offer support for tablets and smartphones for increased interactivity.


5. Lower installation costs

Installation and integration is usually cheaper when using a Casio Ultra Short Throw projector, simply because it only needs to be mounted to the wall – not the ceiling. This reduces the cost of cables and labour too.

To learn more about the benefits of Ultra Short Throw laser projection, and to see the latest Casio models available, take a look at our product page.

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