Large Venue

Large Venue

Ultra HD projection for large halls and lecture theatres

Key Features

Enhanced engagement

Detailed content, drawings and design images are displayed in the finest detail. 4K Ultra HD image quality provides accurate, high-precision projection that enhances engagement and improves learning outcomes.

Lecture theatre projection

Display 4K UHD images on a large screen, which are clearly visible whether viewed close-up, or from the back of the lecture theatre. Large screen projection results in high-impact presentations, while the impressive resolution delivers the detail required to captivate any class.



icons-43.png 5,000 lumens
icons-44.png 1.5x optical zoom
icons-45.png 4K Ultra HD
icons-48.png 2x HDMI and 
powered USB
icons-46.png Exceptionally sharp and
detailed images
icons-47.png Audio in/out
icons-49.png Full colour (up to
1.07 billion colours)