Entry Level - Core

Entry Level - Core

Cost effective projectors to suit every school budget

Key Features

Class clarity

The dramatic improvement in colour purity achieved by the new hybrid laser and LED light source has significantly improved colour reproduction – and subsequent visibility. Not only are colours clear and beautiful, but they also look brighter. You can keep students engaged for longer with more powerful images that conventional projectors just can’t achieve.

Dust resistance

Core series models are structurally unique, built with three separate blocks to shield the primary light source unit. What this means for you is less dust intrusion, increased dust resistance and undisrupted performance – even in the dustiest classrooms.



icons-15.png Up to 3,300 lumens
icons-16.png Up to 1.5x optical zoom
icons-17.png XGA and WXGA
icons-18.png HDMI and VGA
icons-21.png Can be retrofitted to
existing installations
icons-19.png Quick start and stop
icons-20.png Eco-friendly low power