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Purchase the Core XJ-V2 before the end of November and receive £50 cashback per unit.

October 1 - November 30


 Key Benefits of the Core XJ-V2


3,000 lumens Constant brightness over the 20,000 hour lifetime  

Laser & LED light sourceNever replace a lamp again 

5 year / 10,000 hour warrantyOffering total peace of mind  

Mercury free - Low power consumption





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 Meet the rest of the Core range

Core XJ-V100W


3,000 lumens | WXGA resolution 

Core XJ-V100W


3,300 lumens | XGA resolution 

Core XJ-V110W


3,500 lumens | WXGA resolution 


There has never been a better time to go lamp-free!  BOOK A DEMO TODAY! 

What is a Casio demo?

Here at Casio we understand that buying a projector can be a daunting and confusing process. For this reason we provide two demo options:

1. We send out a demo unit of your choice which you are free to play around with at your convenience for a trial period of two weeks.

2. A Casio representative is more than happy to come to you to provide an in person demo and an opportunity to answer all your technical questions.

Both of these are completely free and there is no limit on the amount of models to demo at one point.


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